Transformational Coaching


Why is it different?

Transformational Coaching is an approach to work and wellness that looks at you as a unique individual.

The core premise is that you will be most convinced by the solutions you find yourself. I don’t try to solve your problems for you. I help you decide what to do next.

From this perspective, my role is to help you clarify

  1. What you are good at.

  2. What you need most.

  3. Where you can improve, and

  4. How you are going to set about doing it

By taking a close look at you and your story, we start to see what is important for you, and where you need to focus.

Then we explore a range of modalities to help reach those goals, and get you to where you need to be.

Each session is built around a framework of body, mind and soul. We examine habits, actions and methods of renewal to deliver accountable, as well as meaningful outcomes.

Transformation then happens when you let yourself be guided, trusting that you know what is best for you.

my Commitment

When we decide to work together we begin a process that I consider to be sacred.

Whether we meet for only one session, or spend months - even years - on this journey, you have my absolute committment. My primary focus is on you.

To that end, I will never discuss your situation with anyone else. I consider everything we explore together as strictly confidential.

You drive the consultation experience. I will never ask you to do anything that you do not feel is right for you.

I will, however, ask for your honesty and trust.

I offer reliable guidance and support when needed, and professional coaching when required.

I have the utmost respect for your decision to spend your time and resources with me. I am always honoured when someone decides to trust me enough to share their story.

In return, I promise to share with you the wisdom of my experience - the triumphs and the pitfalls.

My strength is as a teacher and guide. I want nothing more than to share what I have learned with you. This is why I love my work.


Let’s begin the journey