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All You Need Is A Little Support
Choose what’s right for you

ONE- OFF SESSION: Sometimes that’s all you need

1 SESSION consultation

$165AUD/hour — Sometimes all you need is someone to point you in the right direction.

During a single session, we explore what you require to move forward.

Whether you need to create more balance in your life, or maintain optimal wellness, transformational coaching will empower you with knowledge and certainty.

TAKE THE JOURNEY: 4 month coaching package

10 session coaching pack

$1100 AUD for 10 sessions

Climbing that mountain can be tough. We all need help sometimes to guide us on the way.

Work with me on a regular basis to make the most of your potential.


Identify the goals that are important to you. Develop strategies to help you reach them. Clarify your strengths, then focus on how to make them pillars for your success.

We create a practical framework for moving forward that becomes your springboard to excellence. 

10 Consultations over 4 months*


* To begin, we start with a complimentary consultation. Then, if you feel comfortable to commit we will proceed

For the sake of accountability, it’s best if we group sessions into a 4 month window. Each pack valid for 4 months only.

OPTIMAL WELLNESS: Body, Mind and Spirit


Keeping yourself balanced and healthy is not always easy. Learning practical tools to stay well can make a huge difference

Work together over 5 sessions to implement a personalized wellness plan


Develop a customized approach to your current health and wellness goals.

Drawing upon the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine as well as mindfulness techniques, together we find the strategies that are right for you.

5 Consultations over 5 months


Lasting changes come from small incremental steps

Lasting changes come from small incremental steps

THE JOURNEY PACK: what we cover -

Purpose and Direction

An un-lived life is one that lacks meaning.

We draw upon various modalities to help you identify your purpose and inform the direction you are currently taking.

finding authenticity

Not knowing who you are creates chaos.

Focus on your real strengths to accelerate your growth. Find strength from authenticity in your personal and professional life.

stress management

Stress is a hidden threat, triggering imbalance and disease. 

Understand the impact of stress, and how it lays down pathways for biological change. Learn tools to disengage when stress kicks in.

giving back

Sharing with others makes it all worthwhile.

Learn how to harness your talents in ways that contribute to others. Become the leader you wish to be.

future proofing

Learn to recognize life cycles and how to plan effectively for maximum impact.

OPTIMAL WELLNESS PACK: what we cover -

optimal wellness

Wellbeing is about body, mind and soul.

Learn more about how movement, nutrition and education can improve every aspect of your life with a personalised wellness plan.


The safe and natural way to improve your health

The most effective strategy to improve wellness is with the right nutrition. Combine a proper diet and herbal support for a proven way to maintain ongoing good health


When the mind takes over, it takes control.

Practice skills in mindfulness, meditation, creativity and gratitude to create better focus and self-awareness.